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Yvonne Dawn Rigard Harris


She is a highly accomplished legal professional with a deep commitment to her community and education. Based in Port Antonio, Jamaica, she is a self-employed Attorney-at-Law specializing in various legal matters, primarily focusing on conveyancing and civil litigation. Yvonne's dedication to education is evident through her longstanding roles as a Committee Member of the Portland Parish Library for over 27 years and a Board Member of Avocat Primary & Junior High School since 2012. Her contributions to the legal field extend to her roles as a Justice of the Peace for the parish of Portland since 1998 and a Notary Public for the Island of Jamaica since 2009, alongside her position as Secretary for the Society of Notaries Public of Jamaica. Additionally, she serves as a Director at the Portland Arts & Vocational Educational Centre (PAVE) since 2018, further highlighting her commitment to community and cultural development. Yvonne's life is guided by strong spiritual beliefs that emphasize the importance of faith, limitless aspirations, and selflessly sharing one's talents for the betterment of society. Her philosophy encourages individuals to aim for the sky and give back to their fellowman, embodying a holistic approach to making a positive impact.

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