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Math & reading enhancement will be taught throughout the eight weeks course.

Our goal is to enrich the students and expand their skills and understanding of content through real-world applications, project based learning, and student discussions.


All courses at the PAVE Centre begin with a Biblically-based self-worth introductory module given to all students; this module’s content informs the rest of the course material. Integral to the program is the belief in the inherent worth of each participant; with that concept well covered in the first module of the course, the student can then focus on their vocational area of choice.


The vocational training uses materials that offer international best practices for the specific area of vocational training taken.

For example, the Hospitality training utilizes materials from both Ritz Carlton and Disney customer service methodology so that students are taught at a very high level. Furthermore, there are several hands-on practicum sessions  here the students apply their  classroom knowledge of customer service in the luxurious villas in and around the Port Antonio, Jamaica community.


Lastly, a life-skills training module, which includes how to conduct a job search, communication skills, public speaking, networking, personal finance and interview skills is also covered.

The students who attend a PAVE Centre Hospitality training will have a strong understanding about Customer Service and meetings the needs of all types of visitors/guests within the service industry.

Each student will go through theory and practical teachings which will best equip them to secure employment within the Hospitality industry.


Some of the materials used for this training will be from the Service industry standard bearers Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and the Walt Disney World. We will be using their methodology throughout the course to illustrate best-in-class models of the Hospitality industry.

PAVE Centre is partnering with American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. At the end of each course, all students will be receiving 3 certificates- a certificate from AHLEI in food & beverage, guest services, as well as a certificate from PAVE Centre . We are working towards accreditation through their School of Hospitality.

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