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Yvonne Blakey

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She is a second-generation Jamaican Chinese, hails from Port Antonio, Jamaica, and has made an indelible mark as a dynamic entrepreneur and community advocate. After graduating from Titchfield High School, she pursued her higher education at the University of Technology (UTECH) in Kingston and Howard University in Washington D.C., earning a B.S. degree in Chemistry and Mathematics with Summa Cum Laude honors and Phi Beta Kappa distinction. In 1979, Yvonne took the reins of her family's business, initiating her entrepreneurial journey, all the while balancing the responsibilities of raising four children. Today, she expertly manages a portfolio of private villas and commercial properties, excelling as a realtor representing Coldwell Banker and developing her own commercial ventures. Yvonne's passion for community development and empowering young adults finds expression through her affiliation with the PAVE Centre. Additionally, she operates the Buk Up Corner Soup Kitchen, providing essential sustenance to the homeless in Port Antonio every Saturday. Yvonne is celebrated for her unwavering commitment to community welfare and is recognized as a bridge, connecting people from diverse corners of the world.

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