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Gulu Chanrai


He is a prominent figure in the world of business, known for his leadership within the Kewalram Chanrai Group, a renowned conglomerate with a rich history spanning over 150 years, boasting a global presence and an extensive distribution network. With over 4,600 employees across 13 countries, the group has made a significant impact in various sectors, from textiles and automobiles to agri-inputs and financial services. Gulu is not only a successful corporate leader but also an active member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), joining in 1991 and serving as a founding member of the Lagos Chapter. He continued his journey to London in 1994, where he dedicated three years to serving as the Forum Officer. In 2003, he moved to Jamaica and played a pivotal role in establishing the YPO Jamaica Chapter, where he served as the Chapter Chair in his final year, further solidifying his reputation as a dedicated and influential business leader. Gulu is also renowned for his philanthropic endeavors, serving as a Trustee at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, India, since 2011. Throughout his corporate career, he held notable positions, including Chairman of AirTime Ltd (2006-2011), a company specializing in electronic credit for mobile phones in the Caribbean and Central America, and Chairman of Fimi Wireless (2005-2011), overseeing the retail distribution of mobile phones and accessories across various countries, including Jamaica, Haiti, Guyana, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama. In the earlier stages of his career, Gulu served as the CEO of Afcott Nigeria (1986-1994), where he managed large-scale cotton farming, ginning, and oil milling operations, showcasing his diverse expertise and leadership capabilities.

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