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Galvin Weston

Book and Synthetic Flowers

He has legacy intricately woven into the rich tapestry of Charbonnel et Walker, a pioneering British chocolatier founded in 1875, a period when the UK's chocolate landscape lacked the refinement and innovation found across the Channel. The partnership between Madame Charbonnel's unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional chocolates and Mrs. Walker's innate artistic talent for fashioning exquisite gift boxes transformed the chocolate industry. These boxes, often intricately embellished with embroidery, evolved into veritable masterpieces, further elevating the allure of the chocolates nestled within. Their visionary journey culminated with the inauguration of their inaugural Bond Street boutique, a haven not only for delectable confections but also an elegant Salon de Thé. Galvin Weston stands as a guardian of Charbonnel et Walker's enduring legacy, devoted to upholding the tradition of luxurious chocolates and magnificent packaging, captivating the senses of chocolate connoisseurs worldwide.

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