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Duncan Stewart

duncan stewart_edited.jpg

He is the accomplished Managing Director of Stewart Automotive Group, a prominent family business in Jamaica. With over 30 years of expertise in Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Fixed-Operations, he has been instrumental in the growth and triumph of the Stewart Automotive Group. Having held various high-level roles within the company, including Director and General Manager, Duncan consistently delivered profitable growth during his 33-year tenure as General Manager. His exceptional negotiation skills facilitated the acquisition of the Jaguar Land Rover dealership in 2015 and the BMW dealership in 2006. He is also acknowledged for founding Stewarts Auto Paints Limited in 1992 and Simpson Finance Jamaica Limited in 2013. Beyond the Stewart Automotive Group, Duncan Stewart serves on several boards, including Stewart’s Group Holdings Limited, Windjammer Limited, and Stewart’s Auto Sales Limited. Additionally, he has held directorship positions on the boards of Barita Investments Limited, Precision Logistics Limited, General Accident Insurance Company Limited, and the Richard and Diana Stewart Foundation. Duncan also contributes to the family charity, Kind Hearts, which is managed by his children and their cousins.

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