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Audra Handal

Audra Handal currently serves as the Executive Director for the PAVE Centre, working in her role at the Kendal United Methodist Church and coordinating closely with the Manfred Memorial Foundation as the Missions Project Manager. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Audra Handal started her professional career in the Hotel industry. She participated in a highly selective Hotel Manager trainee program in an all-inclusive hotel where she later served as the Sales Manager.

After moving to the United States, Ms. Handal became the Children’s Ministry Director at Kendall United Methodist Church located in Miami, Florida where she has worked for the past 17 years. In addition to the Children’s Ministry program, Ms. Handal oversees the Missions Ministry which includes work in the US and Jamaica. With deep experience in program management, Ms. Handal has developed and implemented Annual Missions trip, Vacation Bible School and was the primary leader of the mentorship program for at-risk youth from Jamaica in Miami which became the precursor to the PAVE Centre.

Splitting time between Miami and Jamaica, Ms. Handal is married to her beloved husband Charles and has two daughters who are both pursuing their University degrees.

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